Tuesday, March 24, 2009

casalife blog

Rob Whitfield here from casalife

So we're started an interactive blog to keep everyone informed on what's happening... in our store, out at events and behind the scenes.

We'd appreciate your feedback on new products we're developing and events we're planning so I'll try to get some of this up as soon as I can.

Also, some people have started to ask us about how-to create some of the design elements we develop for shows. So from time to time we'll post those pics and instructions here. And periodically the media ask us to comment on small space design and multi-functional furniture and if you're interested we can keep you in the loop about what we say and where it is being said.

I'm also constantly travelling and searching for new pieces of furniture that will maximize space and look great. When I find something new I think you might want to see I'll post it here and I'd appreciate if you told me what you think. Same goes for furniture I design available exclusively at casalife. I'm constantly developing new concepts and have renderings that I'd like to share for feedback.

I'd like to hear from you... as you are the people we design and shop for.